Three Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important tool in many investors’ financial toolkit. But too often, we see people making big—and costly—mistakes when they assess their need for life insurance, and then again when they go to buy that insurance. As a result, the insurance doesn’t deliver the benefits they hope for.

In this month’s Whistle Stop Report, Three Questions to Answer Before You Purchase Life Insurance, we’ll show you how to determine if you even need life insurance in the first place. If you do, we’ll take you through how to decide the amount of insurance you may need—and how to best fund the premiums.

On Wednesday, July 17th we will host our monthly Whistle Stop Event at Woodland Country Club of Carmel.  Paul Harrington of Highland Capital Brokerage will be joining us to go over this report. Paul is an expert in the placement of life insurance and has helped many of our clients with their life insurance needs. His expertise will allow him to answer almost any question you may have on your current or planned life insurance products.

This casual buffet breakfast is free of charge and held from 8am to 9am at Woodland Country Club.  You can RSVP by calling 317-993-3999 or email