Charitable Giving, the Tax-Wise Way

Supporting favorite causes and nonprofit organizations is a top priority for many of us as we seek to not just do well but also do good. Indeed, we find that charitable giving is consistently one of the key financial concerns shared by many affluent individuals and families.

But are your charitable contributions doing all they can—for your chosen charity as well as for your own bottom line? Too often, we see philanthropic efforts that don’t generate nearly as big an impact as they could. Or if you’re considering getting involved in philanthropy, do you know how to give in ways that can potentially yield big results?

The good news: There’s a way—several ways, actually—to pursue highly effective charitable giving. In this Whistle Stop Report, Charitable Giving, the Tax-Wise Way, you’ll discover how to give to charity in tax-efficient ways and how to make tax-wise charitable planning an integral part of your overall wealth management plan. Done well, tax-wise charitable giving can potentially mean more money for charity as well as more wealth for you and your family.

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